10 Tips to stay safe after passing your driving test

Sun. May 20, 2012
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If you have recently passed your driving test, there can be many challenges and hazardous scenarios waiting for your to discover on your own. Every driver has been through them at some point, but here’s a short list of tips to keep yourself as safe as possible during your first few vulnerable months as a certified driver.


  1. First up, seatbelts. It goes without saying! But make sure your passenger and you are always wearing your seatbelt. You are legally responsible for ensuring passengers are wearing their seatbelts at all times and can face a 6 point penalty and a hefty fine, so buckle up!

  3. Don’t wait for your fuel gauge to reach empty before refueling. You never know what situations may be just around the corner! Unfamiliar areas and closed petrol stations occur regularly, believe us we have seen them all. Not to mention, it’s also very bad for your car to run your tank on empty!

  5. Make sure you get breakdown cover! It can be extremely unsafe to breakdown in certain areas (motorways and A roads) in the first place, let alone getting towed by your friends or family. Recovery companies charge a fortune for callouts, and most insurance companies offer breakdown cover for a little extra on your existing policy.

  7. Always carry a map in your car! SatNav’s (satelittle navigation systems) can easily and often fail, so be safe and make sure you can read a map of the area. A full UK map is recommended.

  9. If you do breakdown, always try your best to move your vehicle off the road as safely as possible (this does not include attempting push your car!). Don’t park on the hard shoulder or in breakdown lanes for any reason other than an emergency.

  11. Never drink alcohol before driving! This goes without saying. You are a danger to yourself and other drivers on the road, and are guaranteed an instant driving ban for upto 6 years as a new driver.

  13. Always pull over to take breaks every couple of hours, or whenever feeling tired, even if you don’t feel sleepy. Stretch your legs regularly and always make sure you are properly hydrated and fed.

  15. On long journeys always carry plenty of water and clothing incase of emergencies. Often recovery vehicles can take a few hours to arrive and this can be a very uncomfortable time waiting in the cold with no water.

  17. Never drive through water or flooded areas at speed. Avoid this as much as possible, this is an all to common cause of crashed in new drivers.

  19. Check your tyres on a regular basis. You can be given 3 points for each bald tyres (below the legal limit of 1.5mm) which can also double as a new driver, so you’ll pretty much be looking at a ban for two or more bald tyres. To measure your tyre treads you can place a 20p within the grooves of your tyre tread. If you can see the first rivet on the coin, your tyres are below the UK legal tread limit.


Now that you’ve passed your driving test, make sure you keep aware of other drivers and passengers on the road at all times. It may not be your actions that cause an accident, but you are still responsible as a driver, so be safe!